With a strong expertise in laser-based ultrasound technologies, Sound & Bright proposes a wide range of systems for various applications from the laboratory to the industry.

   UHF@4x  Ultra High Frequency

The Ultra High Frequency laser receiver is capable of detecting surface displacements resulting from the propagation of UHF ultrasounds, up to the GHz. The system measuring the spatial component normal to the surface of the target tested is used for characterization of micro and nano components.

    MultiComponent_GREY@3x     Multi-component

The multi-component laser receiver is capable of simultaneously measuring two components of the surface displacement, the out-of-plane and the in-plane motions, using a single laser probe and a single collecting optic. The detection of the in-plane component allows efficient detection of shear waves, particularly when the direction of ultrasounds propagation is normal to the surface of inspection.

Multi-Purpose  Multi-purpose

The multi-purpose laser receiver is suited for a wide range of acoustic and ultrasonic applications from the laboratory to the factory and available in the visible or infrared. Based on our patented multi-channel random quadrature detection technology, the system is designed for remote detection of sub-nanometer displacements.

    ThicknessGauge_Full@3x   Thickness Gauge

The thickness gauge system includes the generation and detection housed in a compact head and dedicated for time-of-flight measurement. The system is capable of monitoring on rapidly moving objects for production line inspection.

Complete Laboratory SetUp  Laboratory setup

The complete and easily reconfigurable laser ultrasonic setup for scientist and R&D Engineer who want a jumpstart in laser ultrasonic inspection. The system can be customized with a wide range of accessories.